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Things You Must Do to Prepare Your Home Before Arrival of the Painters

Hiring local painters is a MUST if you are looking forward to having your home painted. But it’s not that your task ends as and when you find them and strike the deal. Rather, it only starts. You need to prepare your home before the painters arrive.

Reputed painters in Richmond or any other Melbourne suburb would help you prepare your home for the painting. However, that will eat up valuable time and it will get harder to have the project completed on time. That is why, experts are of the opinion that it is always better and wiser to have your home fully prepared before the painters arrive.

On this page, let us discuss what you need to do before the professionals arrive.

Taking Care and Moving the Furniture 

Taking care of the furniture is one major task that you must not forget. You need to move the lighter and the smaller furniture away to save them from all the dust of sanding the walls before the painting and the drops of paints during the painting. For the heavier and cumbersome furniture, you need plastic sheets big enough to wrap them up fully and drag them in the middle of the room as much as possible, to leave the walls and the corners exposed and accessible to the painters. Professionals offering painting services in Richmond like anywhere else will prefer having large open space for manoeuvring ladders and the paint containers freely and that’s why clearing the floor space is so important.

Covering the Switch Plates, Electrical Outlets, and the Floor

This is another MUST NOT FORGET point while preparing your home for painting. You need to cover the entire floor with a plastic sheet, so much so that it does not face the brunt of the painting, all the dust and dirt, and the paint droplets. Remember, removing paints from carpets is a tall task. Fix the edges of the sheet with painter’s tape.

Do not forget the electrical switches and outlets. Dust and paints will invariably damage them if left exposed. Hence, cover them meticulously with papers and again, use painters’ tape for fixing them. Your painters near Richmond may do all these, but you wait for them, when can you do it yourself? It will save valuable time and help you see the project completed in time.

Allocate a Staging Space to the Painters

You need to allocate a space to the painters where they can have the paint containers, the painting tools, and other accessories collated. That will be a space where they can assemble the tools, if needed, mix up thinners with paints and carry out all the preparations needed. That space should act as a staging area for the Richmond painting professionals you have hired.

Shoring Your Pet(s)

Last but not the least, you need to shore your pet(s). The paints will do no good to them, and the odour of the paint can be detrimental to their respiratory system just as it is for us. Also, the painters might not be comfortable working in a company with them out of scepticism. You never know how your pet will behave with them.

So you see, these are some simple, yet extremely important steps to take before the arrival of the painters. For further details, call Premium Painting Melbourne, as we are one of the best in and around Melbourne when it comes to painting.

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