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Safety & Security Precautions that House Painters Take During Painting

When it comes to carrying out painting jobs at homes, summoning professional painters is a must. Proper painting carried out by quality painters not only increases the longevity of the property by protecting it from wear and tear, it also adds value to it. However, painting is not fun for these professionals. The materials that are used in paints (provided the paints are not eco-friendly) can really be hazardous to the health of not only the inhabitants but also for the painters. Thus, it is necessary for the painters to stick to certain safety procedures. On this page, let us discuss the safety procedures that the house painters need to follow while painting a property.

Taking Protection from Lead Poisoning

Common house paints (the ones that are not eco-friendly) contain lead amongst other minerals. Now lead is one of the most hazardous materials that can cause substantial damage. Thus, they must take adequate safety measures to protect themselves from lead poisoning.

When it comes to taking precautions from lead, high quality safety equipment will come in handy, and that is what they use to protect themselves from the contamination. Some of the items that the Melbourne house painters from reputed painting service providers like us would use:

Leather or high quality cloth gloves to protect the skin from lead. It will also protect them from sanding and scraping.

They would use eye gears, masks or glasses for protecting the face from lead contamination and other chemicals.

They would also use masks, which will protect them from the contamination as well as dust and dirt, thereby keeping their respiratory systems and lungs healthy.

Selecting the Right Paint

This is one of the most effective safety steps that the professional house painters in Melbourne like anywhere else will take. When it comes to selecting paints, the professionals will ensure that they do not opt for paints that come up with too high VOC (volatile organic compounds). These paints will create fumes that are highly detrimental to one’s health. Thus, in order to reduce the VOC content, the experts generally opt for low-VOC or non-VOC paints. These paints come in three different forms:

Latex paints, which are water based and have lower VOC than other forms of paints. These paints are ideal for indoor painting.

Natural or eco-friendly paints, which come with ingredients like citrus, chalk, oil and casein.

They also oil based paints, which are highly durable and are best for outdoors. However, they emit the most VOCs as they come up with a petrochemical base.

Other Safety Measures

Other safety measures include the ones they take while carrying out painting at height. They would use high quality pulleys and suspension slings and knots while painting at height. This is one advantage of hiring reputed local painters in Melbourne as in any other place, as they will strictly adhere to the safety norms and regulations, which are rolled out by the Government.

Besides, these professionals also have extensive insurance coverage and this will help you get rid of the financial blues, in case of any rare mishaps during the painting project. This again highlights the need to put stakes on a quality painting service provider. If you are in Melbourne, Premium Painting Melbourne is the best name to turn to. To book a service call, dial 0401965700.

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