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Procedures of Painting over Mould Followed by Professional Painters

Painting over mould is possible and if the mould has grown substantially, removing it all at once can be difficult and in this situation, the painting professionals in Balwyn or Toorak will have to paint over the mould. For this, however, the painters will use a good cleaning solution that is effective against mould growth and then they will move to the next steps.

So, let us now see how the experts paint over the mould.

  • Removing the Mould

Your local painter near Balwyn will use Clorox bleach to neutralise the mould. However, this might not be effective if the drywall is porous as chlorine in bleach cannot always get deep inside the drywall and kill the mould.

So, the painters will mostly use vinegar-based solution, baking soda, borax or hydrogen peroxide as these have proved to be quite effective against the mould. Of these, vinegar turns out to be the best solution to remove mould since it is acidic.

After applying vinegar to the walls, the painters will scrub the mould from the surface using a stiff brush and after removing them; the painters will wait for the surface to become dry before applying primer.

  • Applying Primer on the Wall

After removing the mould, the professionals employed in the painting companies in Toorak will apply primer and do the sealing over the stains and for this, they will use a high-quality primer and will apply multiple coats to cover the stains. Besides, they will need to use primers of good qualities so that they can inhibit future mould growth.

The painters will most likely use oil-based primers since they are highly effective against tough stains. However, in some cases, they might contribute to the growth of mould and mildew. So, the painters will apply them depending on the surface condition.

Apart from these, mould-resistant water-based primers are available in the market and the painters might use them as well to achieve the best results.

  • Applying the Paint

Now, the professional painters in Balwyn and Toorak will start the painting of the walls.

For this, they will use conventional tools such as brushes, sprayers, etc. But since the surface was already covered in mould, the professionals will use conventional tools such as rollers and brushes as they help to achieve the best finish.

Depending on the condition of the wall, the professionals will take time to paint the surface because achieving uniformity can be difficult since the surface was already covered in mould.

  • Post Painting Inspection

After completing the painting, the professionals will inspect the walls to see if they have missed any spots or if some of the points need a repaint or patching because mould inflicted walls tend to become loose.

If the painters find that they indeed require patching, they will do so since painting walls that have been affected by mould requires work.

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