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How Painters Remove Water Stains on Your Home’s Ceiling?

Water stains on your home’s ceiling can really be an eyesore. To remove those, you will require professional help. That means you need to call experienced residential painters who will use several methods to clear them up. However, the process will end with the application of new paint on the ceiling.

If you are in Melbourne and noticing water stains on your home’s ceiling, it’s time to call professionals. Now, let us see what they will do to get rid of the stains.

  • Using Oxygen Bleach

The expert house painters in Melbourne will use oxygen bleach i.e. sodium percarbonate as a treatment solution since it is effective most of the time.

It is a mild base that that is sometimes used in household cleaning as well. Besides, it is safe for the wall and when applied, the wall colour will not fade out.

The professionals will apply the solution mixed with water and apply it to the stained areas in the ceiling using a sponge. After that, they will use a towel to remove the moisture and continue the process a few times more until and unless the stain fully disappears.

  • Using Chlorine Bleach

If oxygen bleach fails to work, your reliable house painting contractors in Melbourne will use chlorine bleach.

Sometimes, the former will fail to work if your house is very old or if the stains are very dark. However, with chlorine bleach, that problem will be solved. But the only downside of this method is you might notice whitish patches on your ceiling. Nevertheless, with priming and painting, those white patches can also be fixed.

  • Applying Primer

After removing the stains or what’s left thereof, the painters will use an oil-based, stain-blocking primer.

These primers are mould-resistant and do not dissolve in water easily. That way, you can protect the ceilings from future stains. Apart from these, there are other primers available too that can match the existing paint and you can choose them yourself or take the help of the painters.

The painters will clean your ceiling with a white cloth before applying the primer, and after the dust has been removed, they will use a paint roller to apply the primer. After that, they will wait for it to get dry before moving to the next step.

  • Painting Your Ceiling

The painters employed at the professional residential painting company in Melbourne will use water or oil-based ceiling paints since they are best for ceilings. But they will likely use the same paint that was already used. On the other hand, you can choose any colour you want for your ceiling.

Then, after applying the paint, the painters will leave it to dry before applying a second coat, if that is at all needed. For the painting, the painters will use a roller brush to achieve a smooth finish. And now, you have a ceiling free of stains.

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