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How Local Painters Apply Wall Putty to Get the Best Paint Finish?

When the wall of your home or office is being painted, you should expect the best results, and the painters will work hard to achieve it to maintain their reputation. To do that, they will first apply putty on the surface of the walls since it helps to fix the small cracks and holes on the surface. Then, when it’s painted, the results can be achieved.

Here, we will discuss how the painters apply putty and if you are in Melbourne or Moonee Ponds and wish to get your house painted, ask the professionals if they will be applying putty to determine whether they are the right fit.

  • Removing the Drywall

The local painters in Moonee Ponds will first remove the existing drywall using the necessary tools so that they can apply the putty and since the drywall has already become loose, removing them will not be a difficult task for the painters.

However, they will carry out the process carefully to avoid damages to the inner wall.

  • Fixing the Holes on the Wall

Now, the painters will start the patchwork. They will begin with filling the holes on the surface. For this, they will use a putty knife and fill up the hole with the mixture carefully so that the entire hole is filled.

After that, they will smooth out the surface using the knife and will scrape off the extra putty, and will wait until it becomes fully dry.

  • Fixing the Cracks

The method is the same as fixing the holes, except, the cracks will not be filled by the painters using the putty. Rather, the painters will apply putty on the surface and smoothen it with the putty knife so that the cracks can be concealed. Then, they will let the putty dry before moving to the next step.

  • Applying Multiple Coats

The professionals providing painting service in Melbourne will apply multiple coats of putty if required.

They will analyse the condition of the wall before applying the coats since not all walls are the same. And to achieve the best finish, it is necessary to have a close look at the wall.

  • Using Joint Compound for Fixing Bigger Holes or Cracks

For filling up the bigger holes or cracks on the surface of the walls, the painters will use a joint compound combined with a reinforcing mesh that is made of aluminum. It helps to form a strong bond between the putty and the wall so that both do not disintegrate with time.

  • Sanding the Wall to Make the Surface Smooth

The painters employed in the painting company in Melbourne will sand the walls to make them smooth before they can start the painting.

For this, they will use sandpaper along with other custom tools that are designed for making wall surfaces smooth.

  • Clean the Walls

The painters will vacuum the walls before they can start painting to remove the dust or other accumulated particles.

They will clean the walls as it helps achieve a smooth finish and makes wall painting convenient.

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