House Painting Preparatory Steps

House Painting Preparatory Steps That Professionals Follow

If you own a house in Templestowe and want to get it painted, the painters will follow the conventional procedures, viz. inspection and preparation before moving to the actual painting process. However, today we will be focusing on the preparatory steps since this is a very important step, and if preparation is not done properly, the best paint finish cannot be achieved.

Thus, without further ado, let’s jump into the steps that the painters follow.

  • Cleaning the Surface

The first step that the painters in Templestowe follow is to clean the exterior of your house using a pressure washer and related equipment. The aim here is to remove the mould and mildew that have grown on the surfaces. Moreover, since pressure washing helps to remove the stains, it is done attentively by the painters or the cleaners who work with them. Along with these, the professionals also use special cleaning agents that help to remove the grease and other spots.

  • Scraping the Existing Paint

After cleaning and drying, the painters will scrape away the existing paint using a paint scraper. This is a time-consuming task but it has to be done carefully before moving to the actual paint removal process. Also, after cleaning the exterior walls of your house, the painters will wait for at least a day before moving to the next process.

  • Applying Caulk on the Surface

If the exterior of your house has developed cracks, the professionals will apply caulk to cover them up. Basically, for the patchwork, caulking is required as this makes the exterior surface look smooth after the painting is complete. But the professionals will remove the excess caulk after applying them to make the process perfect. Moreover, they will avoid caulking the gaps between the ventilators to maintain airflow inside the building.

  • Choosing the Colour

Now comes the part where you will need to choose the colour for your house exterior. But since there are plenty available, this entirely depends on your choice. But, if you are confused about what will suit your house best, you can take the help of the professional painters in Templestowe.

  • Applying Primers in the House Exterior

The painters will now have to apply primer on the surface so that the paint can adhere to the surface. Besides, primers help in achieving the best paint finish and help the colour pop out.

There are many types of primers and renowned painters will always choose the best one to make the paint long-lasting.

  • Trimming Plants or Shrubs Before Applying the Paint

This helps the exterior house painters in Templestowe to apply the paint conveniently and help in achieving a smooth finish since shrubs or bushes can stand in the way of the paintbrush and the wall. Also, if these are trimmed beforehand, cleaning the surface and applying the primer becomes easier.

  • Inspecting for Surface Irregularities 

Lastly, before applying the paint, the professionals will check the surface of your home one last time to make sure that there are no cracks or holes left that were not caulked, and if everything seems fine, they will begin the painting.

So, these are a few preparatory steps that most painters follow if they have to paint a house.

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