Home Painting Ideas

Home Painting Ideas You Can Opt for to Enhance the Look of Your Space

What has been seen most of the time is that when people plan to paint their house, they mainly end up selecting the common wall colours such as blue, pink, cream, etc. Though there is nothing wrong with doing so, if you want to give your space a more enhanced and beautiful appeal, then you should try to think differently. You can take the help of experts who specialise in offering the best painting in Melbourne.

Don’t you think that selecting the same kind of wall paint colour is boring? If you think so, then this is the time to make some smart decisions. What you should do is try to play with colour as it might help you to make your property look beautiful and much more appealing. So the colours that you can select for the different areas of your property are as follows. You should check out the points to get a better idea.

Paint Colour You Should Select


  • Bedroom

The colours which will look soothing on your bedroom walls are indigo and white, cream and brown, and radiant yellow and light blue. You can also select different shades of grey and green. If you have more than one bedroom, then you should paint it a different colour. Using a combination of two different colours is the latest trend and this you can easily go with. The expert local painters in Melbourne will help you in making the right decision.

  • Living Room

Navy blue, grey, green, and different shades of orange, are relaxing colours for the living room. You can also opt for wisely pink or cream as per your taste and personality.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom

It is important to use light colours in the kitchen and bathroom. You can select grey, blue, white, red, yellow, and green for your kitchen walls. Some of the most popular bathroom wall colours are soothing greens, soft blues, warm earth tones, charcoal and luxurious jewel tones.

  • Outside Wall

Remember that the first thing that your guests and neighbours will notice is the outside wall of your property. You also need to keep in mind the harsh weather conditions that can damage the outside wall paint. Hence you must select durable and high-quality colours that can last for years. Dusty charcoal, cream or yellow, warm white or some contrasting colours are what you can go with. For this, you can take suggestions from a professional and experienced house painter in Melbourne.

The expert painters who specialise in offering the best painting in Melbourne are the ones on whom you can rely to offer a great service and that too within a reasonable price.

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