Epoxy Floor Coating

7 Reasons to Apply Epoxy Coating to Refurbish Your Floor

When it comes to floor coating, none can match Epoxy as it makes the floor surface durable. So, if you are in Melbourne and want to refurbish your floor, investing in the Epoxy coating in Melbourne is always the best choice. However, there are other reasons too why this is considered the most favourable flooring solution, and today we will take a look at them here.

  • It is an Affordable Flooring Solution

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective solution compared to tiling or vinyl-based solutions. Another advantage is that you do not need to replace your existing flooring material while going for Epoxy. It is easier to get, and applying this solution is easier that gives this an edge over the others. Most importantly, Epoxy works great when it comes to concrete floors, and be it a residential or an industrial area, it looks great.

  • Provides Extraordinary Resistance

Epoxy provides high resistance against different types of chemicals, water, heat, and other elements in high-traffic areas. What’s more, if you have renovated the floor of your garage or the industrial area, expect it to stay in the best shape for several years to come due to Epoxy’s general protective properties.

  • Making Your Floor Look Enticing 

Epoxy is great at covering different defects on your floor while making it look attractive. The advantage of using this solution is that it makes your floor look elegant and you have the option to choose plenty of colours and designs.

Additionally, during the Epoxy coating, you can add decorative items such as quartz or mica to add better traction to the floor. So, on one hand, your floor will look polished and on the other, it will never get slippery.

  • Makes the Floor More Durable

Along with Epoxy, floor painting in Melbourne will no doubt make the surface more durable. The coating is designed to withstand heavy traffic and corrosive chemicals as well as weather effects all of which helps to extend the life of the floor.

However, while choosing the Epoxy, make sure you are hiring the best one that comes with a warranty.

  • Makes the Floor Stronger

In an industrial setting or a factory, heavy goods are stored and hence the floor faces regular impacts and shocks. In both the long and short term, these affect the floor and cause extensive damage.

But if you apply Epoxy, the floor will be able to withstand the shock and the pressure due to the protective coating.

  • Easier to Maintain

Professionals providing residential and commercial painting in Melbourne recommend Epoxy because this flooring solution requires the least maintenance.

It is easier to clean and the solution inhibits the growth of germs, grime, and contaminants, thus keeping your floor in the best shape.

  • Have Reflective Properties

When applied, your floor looks polished and this reflects a lot of light thus illuminating your room. But even though it reflects light, the floor is never slippery, and hence even when the light is low, it’s easier to see the surroundings due to the reflective properties and fewer chances of falling down.

So, if you are planning to renovate your floor, applying Epoxy is always the best decision.

Make Your Floor Look Appealing with Epoxy Solution

At Premium Painting Melbourne we offer floor painting and Epoxy at affordable pricing and these are carried out by our experts taking all safety measures. So, to book our service or to get the Epoxy flooring cost in Melbourne, contact us now.

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